Management Team

With offices in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx Skyland Equities team has a focused perceptive of the entire of New York City’s real estate market.

Meshulam Hass,


Skyland Equities founder Meshulam Hass is a Real Estate Professional with over 18 years of experience in managing and transforming single and multi-family residential properties into extremely profitable business. Meshulam Hass has coordinated hundreds of real estate transactions under the 718 Development and Skyland Equities. Mr. Meshulam Hass manages acquisition, construction, and cash deal flow, with vast knowledge of the real estate market and a superior track record as a manager. In addition Mr. Meshulam Hass is in charge of bank negotiations, purchasing, construction and finally sale of the properties. He takes a very hands-on and passionate approach to his work insuring the company's outstanding results. Insight and genuine interest in his work are key ingredients to his success. Realizing that there was no better location for a real estate company.

Mr. Meshulam Hass left his Country and career to New York where he founded 718 Development & Skyland Equities. He developed an extensive background in acquisitions and management and was in charge of buildings many new contraction projects throughout Brooklyn & Queens Counties done by his company. Before founding the firm, Meshulam Hass was engaged in the real estate industry as a partner, rehabilitating and managing multifamily homes in the Brooklyn/Queens area. Meshulam Hass continues to expand on a track record of proven performance, sharing his diverse experience with the entire Skyland Equities team. Mr. Meshulam Hass Oversees all acquisitions activities. He develops sophisticated models to propose acquisition and disposition scenarios to maximize the profitability of the firm. Since founding 718 development & Skyland Equities, he has been directly responsible for over $100 Million in acquisitions and dispositions of real estate.

Eyal Sagi,


Eyal Sagi’s collective experience of accounting and real estate business adds an uncommon level of reassurance for clients. He is known for his honesty, integrity and unwillingness to compromise his ethics. His entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility allow him to always be ready to adapt to change and growth. Eyal Sagi attended Queens College earning a degree in Accounting and Business Administration which gives him the deep understanding of how real estate markets interact with the greater economy in order to bring in the greatest profits to the company.

Before founding the firm, Mr. Sagi was the CFO of the second largest diamond dealer in Belgium as well as engaging in the fish farming business. In the Real estate industry as a partner, rehabilitating and managing multifamily homes in the Brooklyn/Queens area. In the recent years, Eyal Sagi has been directly involved in nearly one for facilitating over $25 Million in loans use for acquisitions of real estate. Eyal oversees the execution of the firm’s investment objectives and plays an integral role in the decision making process. Eyal has effectively evaluated and implemented company-level business plans working in conjunction with the owner/founder. He has successfully hired multiple employees for the company while supervising Management team.

Construction Team

Specializing in new construction quality housing, our team coordinates construction crews based on greatest efficiency. Skyland Equities project managers are all in office personnel, which make daily on-site supervision and guarantee timely completion of projects. We work closely with contractors, architects and interior designers which implement a meticulous strategy to monitor construction performance, and insure construction is done on a budget and on time.

Acquisitions Team

Skyland Equities diverse and extremely motivated team of buyers is the of initial key of every transaction of our company, as they produce the opportunities that continually drive our investments. Our team is closely connected with the local community, giving us access to land and properties long before they become obtainable on the open market. 

Investor Relations Team

Our most important assets are not our properties but our investors. Skyland Equities believes delivering targeted returns and transparency is the key to achieving investor satisfaction and maintaining confidence. Our knowledgeable accounting staff is dedicated to supporting consistent and transparent communication with our financial investors.

Sales Team

Helping our customers drive sales growth is our priority and our specialty. Our team of dedicated professionals work with qualified buyers in order to create the most professional lead qualifying sale transaction. Our sales team business constantly providing stellar service and creative solutions.